How Wrong Can the Economic Experts Be? — on March 19, 2009

When Colbert speaks, the USA listens?

JeffyPS: Saw end of last week’s Daily Show and Colbert – finally make sense of @YarnHarlot comments about Ayn Rand and @3timesamama re: Jim Cramer.
2009-03-20 02:44:14 · Reply · View
beparadigm: @rwellscl It’s all comedy bro! You have to admit Cramer is an easy target! Stephan Colbert is not Jon Stewart.
2009-03-19 14:40:39 · Reply · View
tmofee: @michaelq not a boss fan, but respect the fella. they had neil gaiman on colbert last week. :) did you see the cramer interview last week ?
2009-03-19 07:23:09 · Reply · View
Iggyhopper: Oh my, 4 hours of rigging, and model improvements. No wonder game companies make so much money. Now I’m watching Cramer vs Colbert episode.
2009-03-18 23:40:23 · Reply · View
OtotheLtotheM: Took advantage of being sick this weekend to catch up to 1mth worth of Daily Show/Colbert Reports on my PVR. Stewart nailed CNBC & Cramer :)
2009-03-18 18:00:04 · Reply · View
JimserM: @conorp I heard it was the best show ever! I’m gonna download it this evening I think! Jim cramer was on it! Saw him at colbert!
2009-03-18 09:43:36 · Reply · View
drawrobot: Watched Colbert. Gaiman done up in a suit. Missed the rerun with Jim Cramer.
2009-03-18 01:53:38 · Reply · View
JohnCavanagh: MSNBC is running the shit out of that Colbert/AIG clip. Where was the love for Stewart v. Cramer? Hmm? That was just as entertaining…
2009-03-17 17:15:48 · Reply · View
bdbdbdbd: What are the chances of The Daily Show becoming a real life Colbert Report after the Cramer thing & this?
2009-03-16 23:07:42 · Reply · View
zelkovaVC: CNBC on the offensive supporting jim cramer. Using clips of colbert to get back at jon stewart. I’m loving the battle.
2009-03-16 22:27:07 · Reply · View
JPColeman7: Trying to decide if I prefer Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert. Hard to go against my namesake. But rickrolling Jim Cramer has to count big.
2009-03-16 19:38:54 · Reply · View
flimgeeks: @neilhimself It’s gotta be better than Stewart vs Cramer, right? You write books, better than Colbert, so you’ll be fine.
2009-03-16 15:38:13 · Reply · View
Mela123: cant wait to see how that beck/colbert feud turns out. its gonna be stewart vs. cramer all over again.
2009-03-16 11:37:24 · Reply · View
stu: Watching the Jon Stewart interview of Jim Cramer on the web since my DVR missed the entire week of Daily and Colbert while I was out of town
2009-03-16 01:59:51 · Reply · View
elbbirt: After watching Mr. Stewart take apart Mr. Cramer it is time to catch up on my Mr. Colbert.
2009-03-15 21:34:07 · Reply · View
Fontia_Sprocket: that was the least interviewy interview ever. Hm, now they’re reminding me to watch Colbert, I miss Colbert, maybe after Cramer interview.
2009-03-15 21:20:21 · Reply · View
KatyAnderson: JIm Cramer was also on Colbert March 5, about 6 minutes in…. also really rlly cute kitties!!!1!!
2009-03-15 05:06:21 · Reply · View
mgris: @lizlin great link to colbert/stewart’s multiple cramer takedowns
2009-03-14 19:27:30 · Reply · View
pearlbullets: funcooker, then Southpark (disney).Big 12 basketball, Daily Show (stewart rapes cramer) then Colbert. At the end of Colbert, I turn to….
2009-03-14 17:48:04 · Reply · View
UrbaneGorilla: Odd! Cramer jokes about a serious subject (stock market) and it takes comedians (Stewart/Colbert) to point out this is no laughing matter.
2009-03-14 17:01:37 · Reply · View
hoorayforadlai: @just_jenna Stewart vs. Cramer > Stewart vs. Matthews > Colbert v. D’Souza > Stewart vs. Carlson
2009-03-14 16:21:31 · Reply · View
morebikes: @AimeesBlog Stuart (on Cramer) and Colbert (with SimonJ) — best night of tv ever! :-) (Although I would like to see ET on Daily Show…)
2009-03-14 14:45:03 · Reply · View
PoulosLehman: Catching up on my Colbert and Stewart. Did you see John go after that Cramer guy?!!! He’s really angry (on our behalf).
2009-03-14 13:11:11 · Reply · View
UrbaneGorilla: @AlenaKoch The Cramer/Stewart thing has been ongoing. Really, he slaps CNBC. You just caught the latest. (Also Colbert nailed them too.)
2009-03-14 05:41:41 · Reply · View
spenceyspencer: Poor Jim Cramer. He got roasted by Stewart, and rightfully so. Hell even Colbert has had some pretty hilarious segments lately.
2009-03-14 05:37:40 · Reply · View
jewelhainer: Up way too late watching this week’s Daily Show & Colbert. Highly recommend Jon Stewart & Jim Cramer interview at
2009-03-14 05:11:36 · Reply · View
ArachneJericho: And by the way, apparently going on the Colbert Report *was* the soft option for Jim Cramer. Wow.
2009-03-14 04:52:31 · Reply · View
ChristineGardnr: Watching john Stewart beat the crap out of jim cramer…ouch!!! This is almost as good as when Stephen colbert roasted George W
2009-03-14 03:26:00 · Reply · View
clm122704: Finally watching Jon Stewart hammer Jim Cramer. Cramer’s career is over. I hope Stephen Colbert will do the same for Glenn Beck.
2009-03-14 03:19:27 · Reply · View
harpertrow: @josephjaramillo just caught the Cramer episode based on your tweet – I know you like Colbert better, but that is what I was talking about
2009-03-14 02:07:42 · Reply · View
panah: Daily Show with Jon Stewart + Colbert + Cramer
2009-03-14 01:39:31 · Reply · View
rawbery79: Mark called about this Colbert/Cramer thing. Fascinating. On Part 2 now.
2009-03-14 01:37:57 · Reply · View
vintagegoddess: Rachel, you are awesome…thank you for not ignoring Cramer/Colbert…
2009-03-14 01:31:24 · Reply · View
pimathman: @mathvids @JimEmery I mostly like Cramer but he looked pretty sheepish. They show Stewart/Colbert back to back here.
2009-03-14 00:40:14 · Reply · View
himmelfarb: Forget Stewart/Cramer, Colbert was a riot last night:
2009-03-14 00:36:47 · Reply · View
skeptah: the stewart vs cramer episode was a long-awaited resuscitation of stewart’s ailing presence in the face of Colbert
2009-03-14 00:33:38 · Reply · View
xomary: Jon Stewart is mopping the floor with Jim Cramer. For having the biggest balls of all time, it will always be Stewart >>> Colbert. Fact.
2009-03-14 00:22:17 · Reply · View
darwoodious: watching Daily Show: Daily/Colbert – Betting on Jim Cramer on Boxee. check it out at
2009-03-14 00:05:25 · Reply · View
tommypang: For those who missed Jon Stewart ripping Jim Cramer (Mad Money) Stewart wins my heart over Colbert for this one.
2009-03-13 20:23:19 · Reply · View
xgineer: @JamesJennings haha, agreed. JS realizes the opportunity he has and capitalizes. JS on T.Carlson and J. Cramer and Colbert with Dubya.
2009-03-13 19:28:33 · Reply · View
StaceySprague: I need to rewatch Jon Stewart & Jim Cramer. Colbert next?
2009-03-13 19:17:54 · Reply · View
sheena_harrison: Digging @blacksnob ‘s take on the Cramer/Stewart showdown, especially when she implores Michael Steele not to face Colbert
2009-03-13 18:15:30 · Reply · View
ChrisSaad: Loved the Stewart Vs. Cramer interview – Strewart and Colbert are so important still
2009-03-13 17:47:38 · Reply · View
Kaileen: I can’t wait to go home and watch the Cramer v. Stewart clip. I love the Daily Show and Colbert Report. Can’t believe I missed it!
2009-03-13 17:39:27 · Reply · View
in2dwww: Stewart/Cramer = ratings ploy? Stewart has nothing better to do. Let’s see him go after Rush. Colbert is doing well.
2009-03-13 16:48:56 · Reply · View
invalidname: 2006: Colbert slams Bush at White House Correspondents Dinner. 2009: Stewart takes on cable fuzzball Jim Cramer. This is the new bold?
2009-03-13 15:10:48 · Reply · View
mb: Video: Steven Colbert should be jealous, because Cramer just got nailed by John Stewart, and it’s not a joke.
2009-03-13 15:09:45 · Reply · View
christosswill: Jim Cramer needs to stay away from John and Colbert.
2009-03-13 14:44:15 · Reply · View
BiggieD: @robertashley it was pointless, Stewart just vented & Cramer just said we should have done better. Colbert interview with IMF guy was better
2009-03-13 14:10:43 · Reply · View
DrMeowMix: Why is it snowing? I feel like crap, the weather sucks, but I’ve got extended Stewart/Cramer & Colbert bumping NFZ to watch all day. :)
2009-03-13 13:16:40 · Reply · View

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