Twitter Tweets about Blues from the Economy — Bailing Out as of March 1, 2009

Fantasmagorical: Northern Trust Bank returns bailout money after enjoying a Sheryl Crow Concert per TMZ.
2009-03-01 19:10:05 · Reply · View
martinschecter: So what is bank bailout #3 going to cost us? RT @financialtimes: AIG set to get new $30bn lifeline:
2009-03-01 18:49:58 · Reply · View
Hari_Raja: Popquiz: Which industrialized nation is the only without a single bank failure or bank bailout? Answer: Universal Healthcare loving Canada
2009-03-01 18:47:45 · Reply · View
brainphat: How come it’s worse when an individual declares bankruptcy than when a bank becomes insolvent? #bailout #hypocrisy
2009-03-01 18:29:37 · Reply · View
joecaruso: Need to go hang with family. I promise to be bank before a new bank bailout…
2009-03-01 18:14:49 · Reply · View
slurrrrpee: 80% approve of Obama’s economic plans thus far, but only 39% approve of further bank bailout. What’s a President to do?
2009-03-01 16:47:41 · Reply · View
martinschecter: Rich is also right to say that Geitner is flubbing the bank bailout II. By "more bold" action he means just nationalize already. #bipart
2009-03-01 16:10:32 · Reply · View
thejazzdiva: @jmp5329 I am concerned w the rise of sovereign countries asking the World Bank for a BAILOUT… Those are mainly funded by the USA!! #tcot
2009-03-01 15:21:47 · Reply · View
johnkeithhart: The fuss over Goodwin’s pension covered up the news that the bank bailout has reached 1.3 trillion quid.
2009-03-01 10:38:53 · Reply · View
MariaSimone: Dinner w/ a cousin, big bank executive–no bailout monies taken. Refreshing OTHER side of the coin.
2009-03-01 06:19:15 · Reply · View
Grodge: @StockJockey Where was the pro-Santelli cry when he came down against the bank bailout?Now he’s a hero when he kicks the little guy? Fishy.
2009-03-01 04:44:39 · Reply · View
CharlesPetredis: New AIG bailout on the way, are we looking at the "bad bank"
2009-03-01 04:41:56 · Reply · View
paisaberrio: the only bubble worth saving is my bubble bath. just got paid and have zero left in bank. Bailout nation….
2009-03-01 03:45:37 · Reply · View
gambrill: @PeterSantilli You can get bailout checks from the Bank of Obama at
2009-03-01 02:19:02 · Reply · View
chadcrawford: @spencerking car crashed into a Wells Fargo. I know people are mad about the bank bailout but that’s going too far
2009-03-01 01:53:45 · Reply · View
idefix168: Santelli opposed the bank bailout — even the original TARP that Paulson & Bernanke extorted by fear from Congre..
2009-03-01 01:33:40 · Reply · View
HenryNews: Latest iReport: US now officially an oligarchy: $1.2 trillion bank bailout. $75 billion mortgage ..
2009-03-01 01:06:05 · Reply · View
vmorgs: It’s nice to see that Citi Bank is using it’s bailout money responsibly:
2009-03-01 00:47:37 · Reply · View
hkremer: @Adrigonzo It’s a shell game. Just like the other bank who said they needed more bailout $$ because of the purchased company’s toxic assets.
2009-03-01 00:23:00 · Reply · View
changstein: @RizzoTees Heh. How ’bout a tee that says "I survived Bank Bailout 08" ;)
2009-03-01 00:12:50 · Reply · View
vaxen_var: The bailout is no bailout but an instrument to further enslave you to the Fed Res, World Bank & IMF. Their methods are well known.
2009-02-28 23:59:56 · Reply · View
kabrown3: ‘its going to snow kevin’ ‘no it is not’ ‘kevin why cant you just hope with me?’ ‘my hope bank is in need of a bailout’
2009-02-28 22:46:52 · Reply · View

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