Twitter Tweets about Blues from the Economy — Bailing Out as of March 2, 2009

ericwsun: maybe we should stop paying for our credit cards… help out the bank’s case for a bailout!
2009-03-02 21:53:29 · Reply · View
davidsirota: Bank of America CEO: Bailout Money "Won’t Change How We Do Business"
2009-03-02 16:52:12 · Reply · View
kingsman01: @trianglman So you’ve changed your view on the bank bailout? But you’ve always supported socialism? Why the change?
2009-03-02 21:26:44 · Reply · View
Ed_Sullivan: Should any bank receiving bailout money be able to still spend $ millions in sports sponsorship? That is our money as taxpayers.
2009-03-02 21:04:13 · Reply · View
manostorgo: @willingthrall Its probably in moderation but spread out more across the population now. Or just a product of Bank Bailout Parties!
2009-03-02 21:03:52 · Reply · View
Olirh: this is what the bank bailout looks like in cash!
2009-03-02 21:01:41 · Reply · View
christinevans: I like this week’s This American Life episode "Bad Bank" attempting to clarify the politics of the bank bailout:
2009-03-02 20:08:42 · Reply · View
baffled: Interesting, isn’t it, choosing where to bank? First question: is this bank likely to fold or need govt bailout?
2009-03-02 19:55:20 · Reply · View
PaulHofheinz: If I’d run my bank into the ground, left it needing a tax-payer bailout and retired at 50, well, yes, I’d give it back.
2009-03-02 19:51:47 · Reply · View
djgreen757: I’m at the bank tryin to see if I can get some of this bailout money
2009-03-02 18:43:39 · Reply · View
top5Banks: Google: Bank of America, Wells lead bank stocks lower | AIG: Bigger Loss, Bigger Bailout More
2009-03-02 18:35:26 · Reply · View
chuckhemann: RT @irwebreport: Funny that big bank CEOs can’t even make good calls on how much bailout money to take. $BAC
2009-03-02 18:31:42 · Reply · View
jamarib: John E. Sununu Sits On TARP (Bailout) Oversight Panel, And On Board Of Firm Owned By Bank That Administers TARP (
2009-03-02 18:31:25 · Reply · View
irwebreport: Funny that big bank CEOs can’t even make good calls on how much bailout money to take. $BAC
2009-03-02 18:30:13 · Reply · View
top5Banks: Google: Bank of America, Wells lead bank stocks lower | AIG: Bigger Loss, Bigger Bailout Also
2009-03-02 18:20:09 · Reply · View
jason_wilson: @andrewpfister Disgusting. Some of the bailout money should be financed by the bank accounts of the so-called "Masters of the Universe."
2009-03-02 18:10:28 · Reply · View
YaBoiRMX: Should we really be bailing out a bank(AIG) that already needed a bailout?
2009-03-02 18:03:03 · Reply · View
politickernv: [Dullard Mush] Bank of Obama Bailout Checks: Well you figure with all the money flowing out of DC it was only a ..
2009-03-02 17:20:50 · Reply · View
top5Banks: Google: AIG: Bigger Loss, Bigger Bailout | Who Will Make The "Bank Death Watch" List? (WFC, And
2009-03-02 17:20:12 · Reply · View
OtotheLtotheM: Blogger in Guyana causes nationwide panic after writing that Bank needs bailout
2009-03-02 17:01:29 · Reply · View
matate99: @JustinLail the only action I can think of is the bank bailout…I mean come on, we’ve even essentially stopped enforcing monopoly laws.
2009-03-02 16:05:59 · Reply · View
FrostieOne: @donlemoncnn one country that hasn’t had even one bank failure,bailout or government intervention in the financial or mortgage CANADA
2009-03-02 16:04:18 · Reply · View
jaras76: @baffled I’ve worked for both an insurance giant and an investment bank. Let me share my plan for frittering away bailout money with you.
2009-03-02 15:41:22 · Reply · View
nevadaBNN: Dullard Mush: Bank of Obama Bailout Checks: Well you figure with all the money flowing out of DC it was only a ..
2009-03-02 15:40:50 · Reply · View
tedhill: @onthedlpodcast Good show I agree about NBA bailout but it’s a bit different since they are getting a loan from a bank not the government.
2009-03-02 15:08:26 · Reply · View
nevadablogs: DULLARD MUSH Bank of Obama Bailout Checks: Well you figure with all the money flowing out of DC it w..
2009-03-02 14:52:32 · Reply · View
rsajja: When you need them, where are they? Two Bank of America’s haven’t opened yet and it is almost 10am. Must be happy with the bailout money
2009-03-02 14:50:45 · Reply · View
propublica: Louisiana Bank Says It Will Return Bailout Bucks
2009-03-02 14:37:07 · Reply · View
2xplor: New bailout boosts govt stake in AIG to 78%… First of many bank government takeovers, or tinfoil hat for 2xplor?
2009-03-02 14:24:23 · Reply · View
CMM_PR: PM Harper talks to CNN’s Zakaria. Did you know – Canada the only industrialized country without a bank bailout or failure.
2009-03-02 13:08:28 · Reply · View
digitalcaffeine: Sweden’s `Mr. Fix-It’ Bank-Bailout Strategy May Be a Model for U.S., U.K.
2009-03-02 12:53:04 · Reply · View
northstarweb: Billions are hard to understand. Try this: Brown’s bank bailout has put £19,500 debt on the head of every man, woman and child in the UK.
2009-03-02 12:49:47 · Reply · View
mspaz: @GStephanopoulos Kind of reminds me the Savings & Loan Scandal (S&L) …wasn’t that a bank bailout under Bush also?
2009-03-02 12:14:09 · Reply · View
IntuitiveTrade: Jim Rogers on Keiser’s Oracle: bailout losers,Eastern Europe,Swiss bank $$
2009-03-02 12:13:16 · Reply · View
kemosite: is starting air-guitaring to "Money For Nothing" at the mention of another bank bailout this morning.
2009-03-02 11:18:49 · Reply · View
DragonI: Sweden’s ‘Mr. Fix-It’ Bank Bailout May Be Model for U.S., U.K.
2009-03-02 11:15:18 · Reply · View
raealita: @JessicaDedic when you find your bailout, i’ll be writing i owe you’s to: my landlord, sallie mae, vw financing, and bank of america.
2009-03-02 07:32:51 · Reply · View
tqsi: May I humbly suggest that the bailout plan for companies has to first split up the company, be it bank or auto, into parts that can fail.
2009-03-02 07:09:47 · Reply · View
ilyaD: Zimbubwe bank-note can bailout US economy! Also, their presidents are apparently rocks.
2009-03-02 07:05:50 · Reply · View
DudeAsInCool: @rachelstyle I thought it was cool that TMZ did a story about a bank misusing Federal bailout money – that was kind of a surprise
2009-03-02 07:00:36 · Reply · View
tommmy49: @mindykoch First bank in the country to give back bailout money is from louisiana all the rest of them need to do the same
2009-03-02 05:22:11 · Reply · View
AnarchoStarfox: @ssrjazz Sure, no problem! Let’s form a bank and apply for bailout funds.
2009-03-02 05:18:18 · Reply · View
DebraRaine: @davko1 Scotland rabidly sought independence. RBS is Scottish bank yet is now ‘british’ enough to take squillions in bailout. Hmmm
2009-03-02 04:49:10 · Reply · View
munkydotorg: New blog post: AIG! And we complain about bank bailout?!
2009-03-02 03:44:38 · Reply · View
FarmerPhoebe: @lylahl I was so mad about the bank bailout. I totally agree capitalism should have been allowed to do its thing. same thing happened in 80s
2009-03-02 02:22:39 · Reply · View
josephallenir: HSBC CEO will waive bonus, even tho the bank has not needed bailout money.
2009-03-02 02:20:29 · Reply · View
seacoastonline: Runway Ready: Money Saving Tips/ NY Post Liz Smith Column Cut/ Bank to Return Bailout $:

Money sa..

2009-03-02 02:20:15 · Reply · View
FarmerPhoebe: @lylahl I agree w/ "let them fail" in theory. As for the article, I have a small nit 2 pick: the bank bailout occurred under Bush.
2009-03-02 02:13:53 · Reply · View
Tosk59: A bank giving back bailout $$, too many govt strings attached…
2009-03-02 02:04:51 · Reply · View
AntiRacismTv: Liked "Louisiana Bank Says It Will Return Bailout Bucks"
2009-03-02 01:11:13 · Reply · View

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