Twitter Tweets about Blues from the Economy — Bailing Out as of March 7, 2009

i0rion03: Bailout money goes to Banks…my stimulus money would also go to the Banks to pay off student loans. Wow – it all still goes to the Bank.
2009-03-07 20:53:53 · Reply · View
ForexTweets: Taxpayer funds another bank bailout – The Press Association
2009-03-07 20:37:59 · Reply · View
Eco_Feed: Bstocks: How much of AIG’s $173 billion bailout went to European banks?: Filed under: Bank of America (B..
2009-03-07 19:57:39 · Reply · View
LookHarder: The Bank Bailout in Speakeasy Terms… | Ron Paul Wins! | Campaign …: Ron Paul, Deflation, Campaign for Libert..
2009-03-07 19:23:20 · Reply · View
RonWade: Lets hope the bank that houses the hockey hall of fame doesn’t need a bailout.
2009-03-07 19:15:48 · Reply · View
mfperkins: Martin Wolf: "[the] UK govt looks … like a python that has swallowed a hippopotamus" after the bank bailout,
2009-03-07 18:19:38 · Reply · View
selyn3: is glad TCF bank doesn’t need all the bailout $ they were offered and is giving it back. Let’s not be greedy people. Others are worse off.
2009-03-07 15:26:59 · Reply · View
maineBNN: Turn Maine Blue: Open Thread: Good morning. I’m on the road much of the day.
The bank bailout continues apace i..
2009-03-07 14:35:58 · Reply · View
RSS_BBC: Youth protest over bank bailout
2009-03-07 14:06:05 · Reply · View
grinkel: [BBC FEED] Youth protest over bank bailout: A campaign group is staging a protest in Huddersfield agai..
2009-03-07 14:04:02 · Reply · View
bob_brill: $$ bank bailout model: dollar amount must be put back into economy RT @247WallSt The Ingenious Rescue Of Lloyds
2009-03-07 13:15:18 · Reply · View
Lakill: RT @CNNMoney U.K. to get up to 77% of Lloyds .British government agrees to cap bank’s losses at $370 billion in latest bailout move.
2009-03-07 13:08:07 · Reply · View
esperanca: For Obama to take these lackbrains’ advice when the world needs saving is an outrage on the scale of the bank bailout. –
2009-03-07 11:01:54 · Reply · View
ssunil: Bank gives out bailout money . "Bank did not need bailout money but was forced to take it"!!! WHAT!!
2009-03-07 10:04:03 · Reply · View
chriscope: Thinking of starting a bank solely for the government bailout.
2009-03-07 09:29:30 · Reply · View
sgperry: thinks another day, another UK bank bailout #lloydstsb
2009-03-07 09:16:47 · Reply · View
cali_mara285: @iamdiddy or betta yet holla at this BLACK owned bank that needs no bailout! We got this: Show some love to them!
2009-03-07 07:46:30 · Reply · View
kasuno: @enersen That is the million dollar question isn’t it. Been asking that since the first freak out in the fall with the bank bailout.
2009-03-07 05:43:53 · Reply · View
editorials: #WP Editorial: The Fed’s Unappreciated Bailout of a Miscreant Swiss Bank
2009-03-07 05:09:15 · Reply · View
newstrends: The Fed’s Unappreciated Bailout of a Miscreant Swiss Bank #bill
2009-03-07 05:01:09 · Reply · View
mikepilone: @paulpilone I’m just going to start a bank, make a lot of bad choices and then retire on my sweet bailout package. Any investors?
2009-03-07 03:51:44 · Reply · View
mises: Bank Gives Bailout Back: TCF Financial plans to give back $361 million… as soon as the regulators approve it….
2009-03-07 01:47:18 · Reply · View
matttbastard: Stiglitz on bank bailout: "We’ve been cheated." #meltdown #p2 #rebelleft #topprog
2009-03-07 01:46:59 · Reply · View
alanbau: Simon Johnson, MIT Sloan, formerly of the IMF, analyzes the bank bailout plan and its alternatives. NPR Fresh Air 3/9/09
2009-03-07 01:38:10 · Reply · View
robpatrob: RT @WSJ: Goldman, Deutsche Bank Got AIG Aid Dig in here – really a bailout for the banks and the "In group"
2009-03-07 01:30:42 · Reply · View
Yardboy: TCF Bank, given $361mil bailout it didn’t need, is giving it back. "We didn’t give out bonuses, I don’t even take a salary." Good for them.
2009-03-07 01:11:40 · Reply · View
N3Colin: How does a less than 4% home loan sound? Banner Bank credits last year’s bank bailout for making that ultra-low interest rate possible.
2009-03-07 00:54:43 · Reply · View
AvetQ: writing about Bill Cooper CEO of TCF Bank, returning $361 million bailout
2009-03-07 00:34:57 · Reply · View
cansar: Scared by Inaction – Krugman on the Bank Bailout Pretty much exactly how I feel
2009-03-07 00:12:11 · Reply · View
jgillmartin: WH Tech Conf – – 4 Obama 2 take these lackbrains’ advice when wrld needs sving is outrage on scale of bank bailout
2009-03-06 22:09:12 · Reply · View
capitalresearch: Bank Bailout Chief Gelded: Neel Kashkari, the holdover from the Bush administration who is running the Wall Stre..
2009-03-06 21:55:22 · Reply · View
fredhodgins: Washington prepares for Big Bank Failure FDIC looking for 500 billion bailout.
2009-03-06 21:40:10 · Reply · View
OurBigAdventure: PayPal is so much better than my real bank… one of the ones that needed a bailout by the way!
2009-03-06 21:37:23 · Reply · View

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