Twitter Tweets about How Wrong Can the Economic Experts Be? as of March 13, 2009

iSparrow: Colbert: "Betting on Jim Cramer is the only way I’ll make up the money I lost listening to Jim Cramer."
2009-03-13 11:31:49 · Reply · View
BradFranklin: @aiki14 I’ll be sure 2 check it out. Did u see Cramer on Colbert last wk? Hilarious! puppies & kittens in bkgd. portfolio on fire-litterally
2009-03-13 11:30:53 · Reply · View
kevglobal: @alexsheppard Colbert, Cramer and Kitties. More4? No More interwebs!
2009-03-13 09:28:22 · Reply · View
kevglobal: @alexsheppard Did you see Cramer on Colbert, where they projected pics of cute kitties behind him?
2009-03-13 09:17:58 · Reply · View
ron_z: Wow. Jon Stewart is hitting harder than Colbert tonight. Jim Cramer is down for the count. Ouch.
2009-03-13 07:53:50 · Reply · View
ednaczhou: Colbert bribing Stewart: "Betting on Jim Cramer is the only way to make back the $ I lost listening to Jim Cramer!"
2009-03-13 06:52:26 · Reply · View
joshwagoner: The Stewart/Cramer interview was great, but made the fake news feel like the real news. Colbert will make everything right.
2009-03-13 06:34:13 · Reply · View
hippohippo: just watched the jon stewart interview with jon cramer, now on to colbert (I heart him)
2009-03-13 06:31:37 · Reply · View
iamjoshuaryan: Fri 12:15am – Just watched Stewart/Cramer interview…WOW. Haven’t seen that much truth on TV since Colbert/Bush @ the Press Club in 06.
2009-03-13 06:15:30 · Reply · View
davidbiespiel: TwitScoop Poem #4 When I have overtime blues, my worries triple, & my holiday lyrics diddy Colbert & Cramer. That’s triple-diddy.
2009-03-13 04:33:28 · Reply · View
vdovault: @dbferguson Be sure to tweet the Colbert Report video link mentioning No Fact Zone for us when it’s available. Also the Cramer on TDS link
2009-03-13 04:08:59 · Reply · View
jsting: cant wait to see jon #stewart and stephen #colbert rip apart morning joe’s spin and stewart’s cramer-crushing
2009-03-13 04:04:23 · Reply · View
eirinn22: @DDsD The one with Jim Cramer. Was just on and all the tweets about it make it sound fascinating. And Peter Singer is on Colbert!
2009-03-13 03:55:40 · Reply · View
sunchynemoore: history of Cramer on Daily Show & Colbert
2009-03-13 03:53:45 · Reply · View
DrMeowMix: Aww crap, y’all! I can’t believe I just snoozed through Stewart/Cramer on TDS and then a NFZ bump on Colbert. Yay, reruns…
2009-03-13 03:47:51 · Reply · View
whet: ok, johnson on colbert was eh (because he’s not an entertainer like cramer). still: support non-entertainment econ sources, read sanity
2009-03-13 03:47:13 · Reply · View
nickfranklin: #Stewart/Cramer/Santelli the new Stewart/Colbert/Conan?
2009-03-13 03:44:48 · Reply · View
poetv: Colbert Bets That Cramer Mops Floor With Jon Stewart
2009-03-13 03:43:17 · Reply · View
whet: ooh, simon johnson on colbert. if you turned it off after cramer you’re missing out.
2009-03-13 03:41:30 · Reply · View
escoo: @Mr_SOS yea colbert just started… i gues in a hour and a half u will catch the re-run.. he killed that cramer guy from mad money..
2009-03-13 03:35:40 · Reply · View
mossmag: hoping that colbert says something about the huge huge huge jon stewart date rape of jim cramer.
2009-03-13 03:31:53 · Reply · View
jakeybro: Watching Colbert grill Cramer. Is it one of those watershed media moments?
2009-03-13 03:22:53 · Reply · View
jeffgabhart: Caught up on a week’s worth of Stewart and Colbert. Now it’s time to watch Stewart vs Cramer live. Wait.. live? #interscape
2009-03-13 03:00:22 · Reply · View
agrinavich: Cramer vs. Stewart on now. Should be good. Really I’m just waiting for Colbert.
2009-03-13 02:59:27 · Reply · View
ryancoleman: @tomwilliams Is Cramer going to be on Colbert as well? (He’s definitely on Stewart)
2009-03-13 02:19:41 · Reply · View
Gawkk_Newest: Gawkk Video – The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: Daily/Colbert – Betting on Jim Cramer
2009-03-13 02:08:49 · Reply · View
UltraNurd: @cortlandt Cramer looked a little lost on Colbert last week.
2009-03-13 00:08:36 · Reply · View
DailyShowClips: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: Daily/Colbert – Betting on Jim Cramer: Stephen bribes Jon to take a dive with t..
2009-03-12 23:49:42 · Reply · View
Tessian: It must be a SLOW news week… the media is all up ons with Colbert vs Cramer and they make me feel like I need to Tweet more often
2009-03-12 23:36:05 · Reply · View
WAHMRevolution: Can’t wait to see Cramer on Colbert tonight. Nothing like a good knock down drag out on national TV.
2009-03-12 23:33:02 · Reply · View
apathyiscool: stephen colbert was too mean to jim cramer. worried about how jon stewart will be. <3 jim cramer, in a way.
2009-03-12 22:08:04 · Reply · View
christianebuddy: Daily/Colbert – Betting on Jim Cramer –
2009-03-12 19:32:36 · Reply · View
shadytrees: Colbert’s funny and biting take-downs of Objectivism and gun rights are much better satire than the Stewart vs. Cramer brawl.
2009-03-12 19:18:32 · Reply · View
shadytrees: Colbert’s funny and biting take-downs of Objectivism and gun rights is much better satire than the Stewart vs. Cramer brawl.
2009-03-12 19:18:14 · Reply · View
suzrip: Stephen Colbert hopes some cash will make Jon do the opposite of his best in today’s interview with Jim Cramer – The Daily Show’s website
2009-03-12 18:01:39 · Reply · View
joshpascall: Cramer vs Stewart tonight. Remember this night as it will go down in history (or be a complete disappointment.) Colbert should get involved.
2009-03-12 17:27:09 · Reply · View
chris_marino: Wow. We’ve got the one-two punch tonight w/Daily Show-Colbert. Cramer first, then Simon
2009-03-12 17:02:00 · Reply · View
WallStreetFolly: Stephen Colbert to Jon Stewart on the Cramer fight: Five bucks for you to throw it: The Daily Show With Jon Stew..
2009-03-12 13:16:28 · Reply · View
Mela123: heading back to school. both colbert and stewart were fantastic. cant wait for the cramer interview tonight. anchor war^^
2009-03-12 10:51:15 · Reply · View
chiewy: is absolutely loving the showdown between Stewart & Cramer this week. GOLD! Let’s throw Colbert in the mix too to spice things up :)
2009-03-12 10:14:03 · Reply · View
victorwu: @chueric I usu don’t watch Stewart. Colbert takes too much of my time already. Watching Stewart now. (Cramer was on Colbert last week).
2009-03-12 06:01:52 · Reply · View
diggaofficial: @detect Jim Cramer is amazing. He’s on those shows all the time, just saw him on Colbert the other day.
2009-03-12 05:32:33 · Reply · View
ArachneJericho: Dear Jim Cramer: going on the Colbert Report was… not the soft option.
2009-03-12 05:16:15 · Reply · View
MillerC: Colbert: "Betting on Jim Cramer is the only way to win back the money I lost listening to Jim Cramer."
2009-03-12 03:32:31 · Reply · View
pmbourke: Stephan Colbert: "Betting on Jim Cramer [vs. John Stewart] is the only way to make back the money back I lost listening to Jim Cramer"
2009-03-12 03:32:22 · Reply · View
InSeansOpinion: "Betting on Jim Cramer is the only chance I have to make back the money I lost from listening to Jim Cramer!" – Colbert
2009-03-12 03:30:41 · Reply · View
pwelter: @steveouting I’m no Cramer fan, but the guy has the guts to go on Stewart AND Colbert to give his side of the story
2009-03-12 01:02:21 · Reply · View
competent: The Daily Show & Colbert’s 8 Greatest Jim Cramer Moments: Comedy Cental’s Indecision blog takes a look b..
2009-03-11 21:46:10 · Reply · View
Spkie: This Colbert-Stewart-Cramer trifecta is hillarious.
2009-03-11 21:15:52 · Reply · View
TheWorldNews: World News Blog The Daily Show & Colbert’s 8 Greatest Jim Cramer Moments: Comedy Cental’s Indecis..
2009-03-11 20:47:02 · Reply · View

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