Blues from the Economy — Bailing Out — on April 23, 2009

We are hurting in the money department

No, wait! The love of money is the root of all evil! So are we less evil because we don’t have any. Or were the Fatcats who got us here more evil?

Go figure…

WIPpedUFOer: @dcrampton re: infrastructure: no prob w/infrastructure, BIG probs w/bailout bonus for freddie/fannie execs DOUBLE what AIG execs got. #bailout
2009-04-23 23:58:57 · Reply · View
ladainian: As with AIG bonuses, Obama is trying to co-opt the left’s call for prosecuting Bush lawyers, only to encourage it more. #bailout
2009-04-23 23:08:07 · Reply · View
tw99024: Here we go again. Fake outrage by liberal representatives. First, AIG bonuses now waterboarding. They knew about it and even asked to more!! #bailout
2009-04-23 22:32:43 · Reply · View
2009-04-23 21:25:28 · Reply · View
HR1207: Do you think the Bailout Bandit will be branded and/or charged as a "terrorist" if caught? #bailout #endthefed #banks #aig #media #fear #bailout
2009-04-23 21:06:02 · Reply · View
HR1207: Best Story of the Week … and he got away! "Police seek bank robber who protested bailouts" #bailout #aig #fed #banks #bailout
2009-04-23 21:03:28 · Reply · View
savetheusa: US bailout watchdog looking at Bank of America deal #bailout
2009-04-23 20:43:56 · Reply · View
topix_usnews: The Fed’s Cash Machine: Two of its interventions – the $700 billion bank bailout known as TARP and the $787 bill.. #bailout
2009-04-23 20:36:08 · Reply · View
new_york_post: Video: Bailout Bandit: Bank robber says frustration with government bailouts led to stickup #bailout
2009-04-23 20:17:41 · Reply · View
coryhoneycutt: Jake Delhomme just got a 42 million dollar contract. And they said AIG was the company that gave undeserving bonuses. #bailout
2009-04-23 20:13:44 · Reply · View
lindaAWI: @ScottAllen Didn’t agree w/first AIG bailout. W/out ‘tinkering’ the free market does right itself-tinkering makes a bigger mess. #bailout
2009-04-23 19:26:34 · Reply · View
ScottAllen: @lindaAWI But how is what’s being done now any different than, say, 1st AIG bailout? Just on a larger scale? #bailout
2009-04-23 19:02:14 · Reply · View
epaulnet: BLM: U.K. Bank Bailout Rises to $2 Trillion, May Increase on Building Societie #bailout
2009-04-23 18:19:21 · Reply · View
BesterNews: Bailout watchdog looking at Bank of America deal #bailout
2009-04-23 18:15:04 · Reply · View
aroundtown12: Around Town preview — Part of AIG gets Buyout insted of Bailout, More hotel space in Dickinson, "Social Key" for children and parents. #bailout
2009-04-23 18:14:15 · Reply · View
udarrell: Teaparty goer’s, don’t hurt your party; be constructive on right issues: TARP,bank bailout etc., on CNN Reich; bailout F; me too. #tea party #bailout
2009-04-23 18:08:21 · Reply · View
Reuters_Biz: Bailout watchdog looking at Bank of America deal #bailout
2009-04-23 17:21:15 · Reply · View
Reuters_TopNews: Bailout watchdog looking at Bank of America deal #bailout
2009-04-23 17:21:07 · Reply · View
IndelibleA: @RickM : Re: bank bailout, et al: Check out what Clark Howard has to say. He’s a consumer advocate based here in Atlanta. 750 am, 1-4pm. #bailout
2009-04-23 17:20:37 · Reply · View
cdonnellan: i just paid 450.00 in overdraft fees to Bank of America. I cried all day. They just sponsored a football event with their bailout $. FML #bailout
2009-04-23 16:44:13 · Reply · View
HR1207: Bailout Bank Robber: "The money, the suspect explained, "would go to people who deserve it." He got away. #teaparty #bailout #aig #banks #bailout
2009-04-23 16:42:46 · Reply · View
thefriendraiser: First Criminal Charges In Bank Bailout #bailout
2009-04-23 16:40:40 · Reply · View
mauricejames: is peeved at the ‘bailout’: privatizing gains while socializing losses…and only 1 person has been charged in the bank failure!? #bailout
2009-04-23 16:26:42 · Reply · View
zumadog: Robin Hood bank robber – says bailout for "people who deserve it." #bailout
2009-04-23 16:24:35 · Reply · View
subharmonia: Amen. How about ‘Bailout Bonus Bucks’ ? RT @RickM Any bank charging a $3 or even $2 ATM transaction fee in these times can go to hell. #bailout
2009-04-23 16:05:30 · Reply · View
mikecane: @nlbelardes Ask for the Traffic Fine Bailout. Say you work for AIG or GM. Haw haw haw. #bailout
2009-04-23 15:55:29 · Reply · View
MissRo: First criminal charges linked to bank bailout #bailout
2009-04-23 15:53:21 · Reply · View
Coloradostar: @GhostOrchid71 No I don’t know about Chase bank but you can do a search on the internet maybe and find out or write gov. bailout. dept. #bailout
2009-04-23 15:45:23 · Reply · View
peterbae21: I cant believe i gotta drink folgers like its 1988. This bank needs bailout on starbucks coffee and i am not about to spend $4 for coffee! #bailout
2009-04-23 15:29:55 · Reply · View
news4piggybox: [CNN] Bailout cop: More disclosure now: The Treasury Department must make public more detail about how bank.. #bailout
2009-04-23 14:47:27 · Reply · View
twittoff: get some cash out to the people Obama, bailout american citizens (people) not aig’s, banks, auto mkrs ect #bailout
2009-04-23 14:18:28 · Reply · View
HR1207: Bailout Bank Robber – BofA in SF!!! w00t!!! Modern Day Rodin Hood? #teaparty #bailout #revenge #bailout
2009-04-23 14:03:50 · Reply · View
daisydukelba: iPhone users have downloaded almost a billion applications! Now if we could tax each download we could fund a bank bailout. Oh wait…. #bailout
2009-04-23 13:33:14 · Reply · View
justex07: My dad successfully convinced Bank of America to not charge him interest on his credit card by calling out their acceptance of the Bailout! #bailout
2009-04-23 13:31:45 · Reply · View
tncrime: Brentwood man selling investments in bank debt from bailout pkg. Only, that’s not really an option. Charged w/ fraud. #bailout
2009-04-23 13:06:59 · Reply · View
aaustin70: Got rejuvenated researching aig bailout effects- can’t help but reconsider career path! #bailout
2009-04-23 12:58:17 · Reply · View
internetlaw4u: Bank bailout is a total scam. 20 criminal investigations re: where your tax dollars went. Get ropes and lamp posts. #bailout
2009-04-23 12:52:51 · Reply · View
London_Pantry: RT @nquit: Banks pay 0.5% to 1% interest for going broke! The Bailout Is a Bargain. Did we hear AIG just rec’d more $$? #bailout
2009-04-23 11:29:05 · Reply · View
nquit: 4-23 Banks pay 0.5% to 1% interest for going broke! The Bailout Is a Bargain.. Did we hear AIG just rec’d more $$? C YA #bailout
2009-04-23 11:19:40 · Reply · View
BuilditFaster: Savannah Bank pleads for bailout as it sets to resume operations … #bailout
2009-04-23 10:54:18 · Reply · View
Nafehnab: Polls say Obama’s approval is 60%…Who approves of the bank bailout? #bailout
2009-04-23 10:19:52 · Reply · View
pr_humor: To the surprise of absolutely nobody, the bank bailout may be s… #postrank #humor #bailout
2009-04-23 09:33:25 · Reply · View
NuttyNewswire: Bank robber claims to be bailout foe #bailout
2009-04-23 09:21:02 · Reply · View
dennisgjones: Uk bank bailout number soars, Happy St. George’s Day! #bailout
2009-04-23 08:54:27 · Reply · View
jakriffer: AIG Bonuses: What Ever Happened? #bailout
2009-04-23 08:12:59 · Reply · View
thefraudreport: Tennessee financial adviser Gordon Grigg will plead guilty to 8 charges in first fraud case tied to the federal bank bailout program. #bailout
2009-04-23 07:29:59 · Reply · View
ktvu: SAN FRANCISCO: Police Say Anti-Bailout Bank Robber No Modern Day Robin Hood #bailout
2009-04-23 06:22:12 · Reply · View
ktvu: San Francisco Bank Robber Claims To Be Bailout Bandit #bailout
2009-04-23 05:52:21 · Reply · View
BuilditFaster: The TaxPayers’ Alliance – Economics 101: The cost of the bank bailout #bailout
2009-04-23 04:46:01 · Reply · View
betch_m: really hoping all that money the irs just took from me is going straight to pay off the aig bailout. ohpleaseohpleaseohplease #bailout
2009-04-23 04:24:47 · Reply · View

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