Blues from the Economy — Bailing Out — on April 29, 2009

We are hurting in the money department

No, wait! The love of money is the root of all evil! So are we less evil because we don’t have any. Or were the Fatcats who got us here more evil?

Go figure…

timothyeric: @rolandsmartin I docked him one letter-grade for the auto/bank bailout misappropriation and gave him a bump for foreign relations = B+ #bailout
2009-04-29 23:47:30 · Reply · View
ericafpc: No surprise! Raise dcustomer fees while taking bailout money RT @nytimes: Bank of America Chief Ousted as Chairman #bailout
2009-04-29 23:30:12 · Reply · View
wbabcock: Weiser softball defeats AIG (playing on bailout money) 13-7 #bailout
2009-04-29 23:05:32 · Reply · View
DjBingy: @HARLEMVIXEN if you get the Exec at AIG hit me up I be ur Assistance we both get Bonuses #bailout
2009-04-29 22:56:38 · Reply · View
johnhboyer: @Scotd0149 You got that right! Just look at the insanity over AIG bonuses, w/death threats et al #hhrs #bailout
2009-04-29 22:54:45 · Reply · View
faithpeople: New post: Where’s Our Bailout? Money for AIG But Not For You And Me: Panel Discussion, New Britain, 4/30, 7PM #bailout
2009-04-29 22:13:07 · Reply · View
bphoon: @bkgodfrey depends on context. not as simple as that. Question: what was alternative to, say, AIG bailout? #tcot #p4p #bailout
2009-04-29 22:02:39 · Reply · View
Rachael90210: Ooh debate, debate! Guy just said that AIG should be saved :S Ummm… they were giving out bonuses and the people should pay? Uh… #tcot #bailout
2009-04-29 21:59:34 · Reply · View
stagehandsteve: NEWS FLASH> can anyone one out there give the TAX PAYERS an update on were the AIG bailout $$$ is going? WHOS keeping tally? MEDIA, GOV. ? #bailout
2009-04-29 21:59:31 · Reply · View
hostagehoosier: RT @zerodamage detailed list of companies that took bailout money. Wells Fargo can kiss my bank accounts goodbye. #tcot #bailout
2009-04-29 21:15:35 · Reply · View
hostagehoosier: RT@zerodamage detailed list of companies that took bailout money. Wells Fargo can kiss my bank accounts goodbye. #tcot #bailout
2009-04-29 21:15:17 · Reply · View
zerodamage: A detailed list of companies that took bailout money. Wells Fargo can kiss my bank accounts good bye. #tcot #teaparty #bailout
2009-04-29 21:07:19 · Reply · View
miguelmejia: Just realized why AIG needed such a ridiculous bailout – they have to keep their name on the satanic red jerseys of MANCHESTER UNITED boooo #bailout
2009-04-29 20:31:23 · Reply · View
jnsbarganstores: CNBCStocks Rally as Fed Sees Improvement $AIG $BAC $C $GM $MT $Q $SBUX $TWX $V $WMT $WYE #FederalReserve #Bonuses #Oil #bailout
2009-04-29 20:21:53 · Reply · View
CNBCtopStories: Stocks End Higher as Fed Sees Improvement $AIG $BAC $C $GM $MT $Q $SBUX $TWX $V $WMT $WYE #FederalReserve #Bonuses #bailout
2009-04-29 20:18:04 · Reply · View
CNBCtopStories: Stocks Rally as Fed Sees Improvement $AIG $BAC $C $GM $MT $Q $SBUX $TWX $V $WMT $WYE #FederalReserve #Bonuses #Oil #bailout
2009-04-29 20:17:30 · Reply · View
pandagirl6357: 4 more. I hate this AIG bonuses crap. #bailout
2009-04-29 20:09:16 · Reply · View
maredubs: Would you rather have swine flu or a recession? Looking at the news lately, I’m longing for a bank bailout… #bailout
2009-04-29 19:34:41 · Reply · View
TND_bailout: Hooray! Obama Finally Considering Swapping Bank Debt For Equity #bailout #bailout
2009-04-29 19:00:06 · Reply · View
CNBCtopStories: Stocks Rally as Fed Sees Improvement $AIG $BAC $C $GM $MT $Q $SBUX $TWX $V $WYE #FederalReserve #Bonuses #Management #bailout
2009-04-29 18:53:04 · Reply · View
rorystauber: With his bank bailout, Obama has initiated the greatest transfer of wealth from public into private hands in history. Shame! #bailout
2009-04-29 18:47:28 · Reply · View
paper_hand: Bank robber claims to be bailout foe #bailout
2009-04-29 17:28:47 · Reply · View
EdReif: #Swine flu, relief from #Madoff #Markoff, AIG Ripoffs, Hedge Fund Bankster Bailout. Smoke and mirror Magician, THX Miss Piggy! #bailout
2009-04-29 17:27:15 · Reply · View
LoLds442: @andersoncooper B+ 4 everything cept the bank bailout, but he may have just been fed a pack of Sh_ t from Bush/Paulson bout Not lettin fail #bailout
2009-04-29 17:26:55 · Reply · View
johncarl: A guy just came into Bank of America shouting at the top of his lungs that they were thieves and had to depend on bailout money. #bailout
2009-04-29 17:17:16 · Reply · View
JunnyCue: Funny thing, AIG gets huge bonuses and all of the businesses using AIG are laying off and cutting back. What’s the deal Sam. Help me help u! #bailout
2009-04-29 17:02:11 · Reply · View
PowerLunchGuy: Modify Subprime Mortgage No Doc Stated income liar loan refinance modification! #ptavote #therescue bank bailout #bailout
2009-04-29 16:40:37 · Reply · View
LAMPWORKJEWELRY: Hey let DISCOVER CARD return your hard earned tax money you lost in the BANK BAILOUT NO COST! #bailout
2009-04-29 16:37:30 · Reply · View
pathunt: VM Ware sales guy says to us- Enterprise tools cost would be like a rounding error of ttl project cost. Thats what AIG said about bonuses #bailout
2009-04-29 15:53:44 · Reply · View
qcreekoldsman: They want to rename the Swine Flu to avoid hurting the Swine Industry. I suggest either the AIG Flu or the Bailout Flu. #bailout
2009-04-29 15:52:50 · Reply · View
Noel_Lindquist: Happy first 100 days! Maybe we don’t agree on Afghanistan, accountability, and the bank bailout, but he’s light years from Bush. Go Obama! #bailout
2009-04-29 15:42:57 · Reply · View
TheRedDianthus: #100mistakes Executives at AIG get $165 million in bonuses, despite receiving an $173 billion taxpayer bailout. #tcot #bailout
2009-04-29 15:03:30 · Reply · View
CNBCtopStories: Stocks Get a Boost From Inventory Drop $AIG $BAC $C $GM $MT $Q $SBUX $TWX $V $WYE #FederalReserve #Bonuses #CEOsCFOs #bailout
2009-04-29 14:59:04 · Reply · View
trianglman: @kylesellers AIG bonuses were allowed when Bush/Paulson/Bernanke wrote the original bailout. Obama didn’t have a legal means to stop them #bailout
2009-04-29 14:50:27 · Reply · View
kylesellers: Executives at AIG get $165 million in bonuses, despite receiving an $173 billion taxpayer bailout w/ no strings attached. #100days #tcot #bailout
2009-04-29 14:47:28 · Reply · View
cheapsuits: @lhlittle the AIG bonuses didn’t stop the exodus of key people. I say don’t pay it see what really happens. Stop the gun to head tactics #bailout
2009-04-29 14:41:48 · Reply · View
marissatweet: AIG changes its name: we won’t notice AIU Holdings…what bailout $.."different company". #bailout
2009-04-29 14:40:57 · Reply · View
Nappilocs: I’m online paying bills right now.. watching my bank account slowly dwindle away.. can a sistah get a bailout? #bailout
2009-04-29 14:37:35 · Reply · View
Nappilocs: Paying bills online.. watching my bank account dwindle. can a sistah get a bailout. #bailout
2009-04-29 14:35:39 · Reply · View
DesignAndImage: A bank that does not need a bailout: #bailout
2009-04-29 14:20:57 · Reply · View
KLSS68: @deadvoter aig was using taxpayer money during a recession to give bonuses when mrs obama got her bonus we still were economicaly good #bailout
2009-04-29 14:10:42 · Reply · View
cheapsuits: RT @A_F Citi wants to pay retention bonuses…wait isn’t that what AIG did just bfor their execs all left? #bailout
2009-04-29 14:01:34 · Reply · View
A_F: $C wants to pay retention bonuses…wait isn’t that what $AIG did just bfor their execs all left? #bailout
2009-04-29 13:59:53 · Reply · View
soundanswer: @SenJohnMcCain But just like with the AIG bonuses, Obama and his team are going to be forced by the senate to pay that back, right? #bailout
2009-04-29 13:41:57 · Reply · View
CNBCtopStories: Stocks Open Higher as Banks Rally $AIG $BAC $C $GM $MT $Q $SBUX $TWX $V $WYE #FederalReserve #Bonuses #Management #bailout
2009-04-29 13:37:04 · Reply · View
brettonvine: Break a bank window at a G-20 protest – get jail time. Break the bank – get a bailout. #bailout
2009-04-29 12:04:16 · Reply · View
mumic: $$Fed Govt prepping US public for NEXT tranche of Bank Bailout funding with "Stress Tests" #bailout
2009-04-29 12:03:57 · Reply · View
OHDookie: Another "bailout" bank dealt w. yesterday. "Non-client focus", systems "hell", e-mail "Autoreply" w/o addressing issue. Canceled account! #bailout
2009-04-29 12:02:08 · Reply · View
TND_bailout: World Bank seeks poverty action #bailout #bailout
2009-04-29 12:00:04 · Reply · View
Rob_Springer: I didn’t know. I didn’t know that AIG was getting bonuses. I didn’t know they were taking my plane to buzz NYC. I didn’t know. its sad. #bailout
2009-04-29 11:42:48 · Reply · View

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