Insane, the Man is Insane!

There is this guy who tells people he has a “Mom-de-Plume,” ha, ha, very funny. Makes me want to gag. He wrote this program on top of SilverStripe CMS out of New Zealand. It’s a web site that pretends it is a desktop application to let you use Twitter. How silly, why use a web site when you have a perfectly good desktop interface to twitter.

I use twitter all the time. Mostly to pick up on those real gems of stupidity in the political or economic side of life. And I know that my desktop application has it all over this new site: TweeParty Ha, what a looser of a name: tweeparty. Can’t these people get it through their heads that twitter is the best way to let off some steam at everybodies expense? It’s not a way for people to actually communicate, now is it? I mean, If small talk was important, wouldn’t everybody do it? Constantly? Like all the little messages that flow around in a party? Mostly nothing is so unimportant as the kind of small talk that goes on at a cocktail party or a tea party. Imagine, High Tea and texting. What a combination.

Except this guy has gone visual. Everything is set up for you in easy reach. Actually pretty cool, if there was a use for it, which there isn’t. Just like a cocktail party. Didn’t anybody tell this guy that a cocktail party is just a high-falootin kegger? And you don’t go to the kegger to chit-chat with the nerds about Dual-CPU pre-boot schemes, NO, you go to get hammered. Passed out drunk. That’s what a party is for, not some stupid chit-chat, elegant tea party.

So go over to Mom’s Tweeparty and tell that idiot off, OK?

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