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Buckethead – Spokes On The Wheel of Torment

OMY Stars! A movie about ME. Actually, I modeled for Hieronymus Bosch, the painter, several hundred years ago. He really captured me, don’t you think? And “Buckethead – Spokes On The Wheel of Torment” has really captured the timeless charm of my personality don’t you think? Let’s give credit where Credit is Due! Directed and [...]

Dies Irae 911 – Great Art Watches Civilization Crumble

Remember those great underground comix of the ’60s and ’70s? Wild ideas as told by the most creative artists that were ever unleashed on our unprotected minds. Madness ensued. From the summer of love we went to the decade of love and lust. Finally ending in the decade of Reagan-Aids. The beginning of the street-people [...]