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Why Do I Love the Republicans SO MUCH??

The Republicans have so much to share with us — distain?

Insane, the Man is Insane!

There is this guy who tells people he has a “Mom-de-Plume,” ha, ha, very funny. Makes me want to gag. He wrote this program on top of SilverStripe CMS out of New Zealand. It’s a web site that pretends it is a desktop application to let you use Twitter. How silly, why use a web [...]

Christmas Time is Cheating Time

This is too good! I’ve been waiting to tell you for such a long time, but my goodie-goodie alter ego over at Romance Capitol, and JAH B InI wouldn’t let me tell you until NOW! Did you know that search volume for sex goes up and down on a weekly cycle, with more searches on [...]

New Halloween Costume Recommendation!

A now redacted posting over at Obama-is-evil site had this great picture of a beaten McCain Supporter. I’m wondering, was she really an Obama Supporter? The sad truth about this is that it will travel everywhere and be the most talked about subject for days. This may be the great October Surprise! And if [...]

Incredible Fear Makes for Incredible Stupidity

When an artist has a sketch of a car with a fishnet on it and a passport that showed she’d been to Africa, Australia, Central and South America, Mexico, Turkey and Europe in the last nine years. Our feckless idiots (My minions, I’m so proud of you) at the US – Canadian Customs stop in [...]