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Porn or Art?

This is a question that really is fun, isn’t it? It allows you to look at porn all you want: If you are in the exalted position of “Censor”. and who, besides yourself is qualified to make such an important choice? So, give your self the benefit of being a valued member of the 21st [...]

Buy one, get one free or bogof

Some people look at me with a funny expression when I tell them that we create our own reality. They say that reality is there, and all we can do is live it. But at the same time they allow other people to create their reality, and they never question it. Let me give you [...]

The Superferry saved by Aloha and Go airlines

You remember the big troubles Honolulu had in the fall of 2007 on the so-called Superferry. In the months that have passed, the Superferry has survived, if not thrived. We owe it all to “Go” and Hawaiian Airlines. It seems that the owners of “Go” airlines, a mainland business empire,

The Tarot of the Working Place

A wonderful Tarot of the worker has all the archetypes. It’s a little like Euro-Dilbert. In traditional Tarot fashion there are: The Intern, The High Priestess, The Conspiracy, The Manager, The Machine, The Conspiracy. An excerpt: The wretched: He is the Expulsion, the Exclusion, the Dismissal. After the blackmailing,

Street Gangs of the World – Dont Unite!

Kegare is one of the universal forms of human expression: it can be translated into many cultures and languages and we can understand it for what it is, the kiss of the Evil Fairy of Death! To demonstrate this point, look at a wonderful blog from india: Raged Indian showing the ugly Kegare underbelly of [...]