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The Tarot of the Working Place

A wonderful Tarot of the worker has all the archetypes. It’s a little like Euro-Dilbert. In traditional Tarot fashion there are: The Intern, The High Priestess, The Conspiracy, The Manager, The Machine, The Conspiracy. An excerpt: The wretched: He is the Expulsion, the Exclusion, the Dismissal. After the blackmailing,

Beware of the time wasters at Yahoo Messenger

I have had the displeasure of being on Yahoo! Messenger recently. I’m chatting away with a friend in Brazil, when all of a sudden I get random BUZZ from ‘women’ with totally empty profiles who just think that I’ll fall all over them because they are women. Sheesh! Here is a partial transcript (Boredom alert!!! [...]

And What Kind of Dog Are We Today?

And what about those tests that were popular on some web sites that were to find out “what kind of dog are you?” Were these tests there simply for entertainment value? To hold a pair of eyeballs on a computer monitor to stare at endless google ads? Possibly, from the taker’s point of view even [...]