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Blues from the Economy — Bailing Out — on May 26, 2009

We are hurting in the money department No, wait! The love of money is the root of all evil! So are we less evil because we don’t have any. Or were the Fatcats who got us here more evil? Go figure… BrokePimpStyles: @tldavidson your twittascope says "don’t pass up an opportunity to let your imagination [...]

Eating Each Other Alive… January 12, 2009

When will the carnage end? macadvocate: @AlexanderDSM The audacity of that woman and her NBC stunt the other week astonished me, the fact that Hannity took the bait–not so much! View Chealion: Re-installing Office 2008 for the fourth time in the last 2 months… Not sure what I do to corrupt my install that nothing [...]