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Blues from the Economy — Bailing Out — on June 12, 2012

We are hurting in the money department No, wait! The love of money is the root of all evil! So are we less evil because we don’t have any. Or were the Fatcats who got us here more evil? Go figure… commiehunters: RT @slone: WHAT’S WRONG W THIS PIC? BoA 2 Spend $50 Billion Fighting [...]

Eating Each Other Alive… January 4, 2009

When will the carnage end? pwlstudio: Adding Selena’s fonts. Good *GOD* some of our old fonts are beyond corrupt! View simarilian: @fakeACLU 19 resolutions,Because the UN run oil for food program was corrupt and Saddam was spreading money around for political cover #tcot View jseglem: Eagles won. Think I’ll return to Palin’s Diaries. View johnhawkinsrwn: [...]

Eating Each Other Alive… December 31, 2008

When will the carnage end? bretmanley: Rush Limbaugh compares Senate Democrats to Segregationists http://bit.ly/ZEHP #TCOT View politicalticker: From Obama-mania to Palin power: ’08′s top political stories http://tinyurl.com/8zrszt View rich_underwear: 2009 calendar: Sarah Palin is most wanted: Sarah Palin has continued her quest for world domination with a 2009 .. http://tinyurl.com/8ac2lb View mythosmint: @sinker religulous has [...]

Eating Each Other Alive… December 14, 2008

When will the carnage end? 2012Palin: Sarah Palin’s church ‘set on fire’ (Daily Telegraph): A raging fire that police believe might have been set by a.. http://tinyurl.com/5ppo4s View melindaloomis: RT @IndyEnigma RT @UnderCoverGuy Vote 4 Sarah Palin as Time Magazine person of the year. Vote as often as you like at http://bit.ly/cHno View DanNunley: RT [...]