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Twitter Tweets about Blues from the Economy — Bailing Out as of March 8, 2009

blberg: The Bank Bailout 101. This piece really breaks it down for us regular folk. A good listen. http://bit.ly/2IaGo 2009-03-08 20:56:31 · Reply · View ellenmalloy: Bloody Chicago Rvr jumping bank AGAIN! Thank God they left sandbags from last time. Maybe we’ll get some ‘bailout’ money to fix problem perm 2009-03-08 19:44:10 · Reply · [...]

Christmas Time is Cheating Time

This is too good! I’ve been waiting to tell you for such a long time, but my goodie-goodie alter ego over at Romance Capitol, and JAH B InI wouldn’t let me tell you until NOW! Did you know that search volume for sex goes up and down on a weekly cycle, with more searches on [...]

Eating Each Other Alive… December 16, 2008

When will the carnage end? retheauditors: Must see. RT @latimes Most-viewed LAT #2008 moments Steinem on Palin http://zi.ma/steinem-palin | View mindblowingbich: Most-viewed LAT #2008 moments Steinem on Palin http://zi.ma/steinem-palin | Voters approve Prop 8 http://zi.ma/p.. http://is.gd/c38S View digggety: C. Kennedy for Senate is disturbing in many ways, not the least of which is that I’d [...]

We Love Hate here at Kegare.Org!

OmyGAWD. Nothing is so wonderful as hate to us over here at kegare.org. Not that we really hate anybody mind you, but it’s like watching kids on the playground fighting. A lot of fun, and if somebody gets hurt, well that’s just according to God’s Plan, isn’t it, my good Christians?