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Blues from the Economy — Bailing Out — on October 28, 2011

We are hurting in the money department No, wait! The love of money is the root of all evil! So are we less evil because we don’t have any. Or were the Fatcats who got us here more evil? Go figure… marshallgetto: RT @Drop_BofA: Bank of America lobbies for a second bailout as the occupy [...]

Eating Each Other Alive… December 23, 2008

When will the carnage end? 2012Palin: Too Late … now the GOP is upset over McCain campaign’s use of Palin: Did McCain Botch the Sarah Palin Pick?By .. http://tinyurl.com/8u9mvs View AmberGladys: Sarah Palin’s biggest campaign regret is not holding enough interviews: http://twurl.nl/ob6rqj View laughingtart: my kind of reverse-sexist-post-election coverage (or rather, uncoverage): http://tinyurl.com/8n5fev . take [...]